Friday, March 30, 2012

Today on You Pet, (its a site like facebook, but centered for the animals) I was chosen as Star pet of the day. I was so excited!! Momma was excited too. I have met so many great animal friends,and their owners there. You pet is truly one of my most favorite websites. You should try it out,if you haven't already. Here is a link to my page there., hope enjoy it as much as I do! :)
Peace,Love,and Poodles!
Just came across this a little while ago. Poodles normally live to be around 13-15 yrs old. I certainly hope I live as long as this one here. 23 years is an awfully long time, especially in canine years. Check this out,
In my life I have found that us Poodles have a few issues at times, I'm barking about ear and skin infections. Ear infections are the worst I think. My Momma has found that using ear powder is a great help to get the hair out that causes these infections. Late in my life, I have developed allergies. Maybe I had them all along, but in the last couple years,they have definitely shown their ugly face. I am awaiting a time to have allergy testing done. Momma and I believe its just seasonal allergies, so I may have to get shots. I hope not, maybe the antibiotics will do the trick. Keep your paws crossed for me!
Peace,Love,and Poodles! XOXO
This is my first attempt at a blog. I want to be more social, and interact with other animals, poodles like me, and all animal lovers. I guess first of all I will tell you about me. When I was a wee pup, an older man was my Pop. I had a brother,who was a beagle. I'm not sure what happened to him. My Pop was getting older,and felt like he couldn't care for us, so we were put up for adoption at a local shelter. One of the women there took me home but,she didn't care for me as she should. Somehow I came to stay with a family friend,of the family I have now. Momma was asked if she wanted a poodle. She told the friend to bring me,and let her see me. Wow! We had an instant bond. I loved her, and started jumping up to her shoulders. I was telling her,I wanted her to be my Momma and I was going home with her. Since that day, I won the doggy lottery! Really I did! My Momma and Daddy take great care of me, I knew they were meant to be my family.  Sometimes it takes awhile to get where we are meant to be, but it does happen. Hope I didn't bore anyone with this. 
Until the next time,   Peace,Love,and Poodles!! :)