Tuesday, April 10, 2012

“Eukanuba Paws In Motion to BarkWorld”

My beautiful and lovely friend Carma Poodale Allen, has been writing on her blog, http://www.carmapoodale.com, about a social media event in Georgia for us animals, it is called Bark World, and this is the website http://www.barkworldexpo.com.  I would really love to go.
This is my blog entry for the contest, to win a trip to the  barkworld expo. I would love to go and meet some other pet bloggers and their pawrents. I love party's and being with my friends. I like having fun. I like going on fun road trips, there are so many cool things to see and smell along the way. I am a great doggy,and a great traveler. I only use the bathroom outside. I only bark when I have something really important to say, or when I need some extra attention from Momma, and Daddy. I have had a facebook account for awhile now, and I have many pawsome friends there. I have recently started this blog, to be more socially involved in the world, and to meet new friends. What I really would like to do is to be a voice for products/ food that is good for us pets. I would love to be able to tell others, yes this is a great product, or this is some really yummy food, you will love it!  I like making people and other pets happy, and bringing a smile to their face. What better way than to be a voice for these products, and let other pets be happy and content, thus their pawrents are happy because their pets are happy. I really hope, my entry is chosen. I think barkworld expo would be utterly pawtastic!


  1. Petey is a very fun and social pet! He's always joining in the fun and is usually the life of the party. He would only be an asset to Bark World. He's also a good friend. I really do hope Petey is picked! I'm a friend of Petey's on YouPet and my name is Mystic, a chinese crested powderpuff.

  2. Petey would be a poodleriffic and furtastic choice to send to Bark World! He would bring his fun, loving, kind and happy spirit to the event! Good Luck! Hope you win!
    Devon Cody aka Devon the poodle!