Saturday, October 6, 2012

Wisdom of Pets

Sometimes the greatest wisdom and encouragement come from the animals who touch our lives.
Human communication can sometimes fall short in conveying spiritual truth. God speaks through whatever means he chooses - and often he chooses animals. Dogs teach us unconditional love. The purr of a kitten can bring peace and warmth.
Paws to Reflect: 365 Devotions for the Animal Lovers Soul offers gentle daily reflections for those who seek to grow spiritually by observing the animal kingdom and all the wonderful lessons it teaches us.
“The journey of rescue work is hard but so profoundly rewarding.  I now find that Paws to Reflect provides me with the daily devotionals and spiritual depth that I need to continue daily as I help  stay the course to help these precious babies.” -- Candace Simpson-Giles, Founder Critter Cavalry National Animal Rescue and Transport
“Paws to Reflect is an intimate and personal journey through Scripture and life as shared with our best friends—our pets. I begin each day by focusing on the positive—my Lab at my feet, gazing across the pastures at our horses, watching our cat wake up, while reading Paws to Reflect. You do well to do the same.” - Dr. Joey Faucette, best-selling author Listen to Life with Your Pets

Paws To Reflect

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