Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Beach Blast

The beach was great loads of fun!! Saturday I got groomed, and the groomer did an pawsome job! Mamma got me some of my favorite treats, Zukes~ Filets, and some chicken treats made by Zukes. I just love them!! They are good for us doggies too. I got to run around in our yard without a leash, and we went to the fancy restaurant,but they didn't have any outside tables. Daddy had to take me back to the truck,and had to keep checking on me. We went out to the beach at night, and on Sunday when we went to the beach, I saw a German Shepard swimming. He was awesome! His master would throw a ball on a rope really far out in the waves,then the doggy would swim to it and bring it back. He was impressive but not enough for me to try that! Ohh no not me!! Daddy and I walked on the beach,and I got my paws wet,when the waves came rushing in. We had a blast!! Hope all of you had a great and pawsome weekend too!

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