Thursday, June 7, 2012

Bucket List

A lot of humans talk about a bucket list. A list of things they want to do, or accomplish before they go over the bridge.  One of my canine friends, Ms. Carma Poodale was asking yesterday about what is on your bucket list. So here is my blog today. Do you have a bucket list? What is on your list? Hey....Doggies can have bucketlist too. Here are a few things I've listed on mine. I'm anxious to hear what is on your bucketlist.

Petey's BucketList    
* I would like to help find homes for other furr friends not as fortunate as me. 
*More cuddle time with the pawrents
*More car rides with the windows down, and me sticking my head out the window.
*Endless supply of Frosty paws ice cream
*Ride in a hot air balloon
*Playing in the snow (Not much snow in NC)
*Chasing millions of seagulls at the beach
*Long walks to any and no where
*Marking my territory on every tree / bush in sight
*More food from Dad grilling on the grill at home

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