Thursday, August 23, 2012

1st Vet Records

Momma just got my first Vet Records. Found out I've always had skin infections,and eye infections. Plus, I'm a year older than any of us thought. So I'm 8 instead of 7. Momma talked on the phone to my first owner, he was a really nice gentleman. He's looking to see if they have any pictures of me being a pup. Momma really hopes they do. Regardless of anything I'm in my forever home and Momma and Daddy will never give me up. I'm happy with my family,and they are happy with me. Just the way it all should be. Momma told the gentleman, she wouldn't trade me for anything at all. :)

On another note, What's everyones plans for the weekend? I think we are going to the beach house. Gonna see if I can thin down the seagulls. BOL

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