Monday, August 6, 2012

My Update

Well let me say, we had a great time with the human brothers being home. We went and stayed at the beach 5 days. That was the longest time we've ever stayed at the beach. We went out to the beach and one day I sat with Momma in the edge of the shore. I wasn't too thrilled over that, I just tried to humour Momma. We did alot of cooking out on the grill and that was extra yummy. Daddy did the grilling but yall know what I mean. We stayed at our house and alot of the youngest human brothers friends were in and out. I got used to them coming and going. I got lots of head pats,and cuddles. Yea I really liked that.Dixie, Fancy, me and the whole family went on walks. That was really nice. When the youngest brother was around the last few days, Momma was giving him lots of Momma love, and its sad I guess to say but I was jealous! I'm the baby now, not him. Anyway, we all had a grand time. Just this morning the youngest one left on another journey to Korea. Momma was so sad. I wasn't allowed at the airport so I stayed home, but I gave Momma lots of magic poodle kisses and she feels better now. I guess that sums it up. I have spent most of the afternoon catching up on everyones postings. I'm glad everyone is doing good now. I love you all with every bit of my lil poodly heart. :)

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