Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Me, Spoiled??

The contest for Barkworld has ended. Sure hope I win. I would be so happy to be able to go. Barkworld looks like so much fun,meeting other doggies and their owners,all the doggy activities,and treats they give. I just have to wait until between now and May 7th,to know who won.

  The weather here has warmed up a lot today. The weather man says by Friday it will be around 100 degrees. Wheww, I know one poodle who will be inside,by the air conditioning. The good thing about warm weather means, I will be getting to go to the beach right regular. I love being outside,seeing all the new flowers, and people passing. My pawrents love the beach too, so I know we'll be going quite a bit.  For the next few days though I'm going to enjoy the ac. Momma says I'm spoiled,but umm she made me this way! Momma gives me most anything I want,kibble,water, walks, bellyrubs, head scratches,backrubs, clothes, hmm, maybe I am just a bit spoiled. BOL!

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