Monday, May 21, 2012


Momma,Daddy,and human brother Christopher went cruising to the Bahamas.  I had to stay with our neighbor,Mrs. Brenda. I was good,she treated me just like her own. We went to McDonald's, and had nice walks. Mrs. Brenda took care of Dixie and Fancy as well. Dixie is my sister, and Fancy is my human brother's Daron doggy. Momma wants to take over my blog today and tell about her vacation to The Bahamas,so here she is.....

Hello, This is Petey's Momma, Sue.
First off, we had talked about going on a cruise for a long time. We finally did t, and we all had a blast! This was the best vacation we have ever had. We drove 3 1/2 hrs from South port, to Charleston,SC. We went thur customs and all the hoopla. Finally we are on the ship. The ship was gaily decorated,and had a great fun atmosphere. We found the way to our stateroom. The room was fairly small,but served the purpose. We had not packed our swimming suits in our carry-on, so we had to wait for our luggage to be brought up. We just went and explored the ship, while we waited. Then we sat by the pool and had a few drinks on the Libdo deck. We were late getting our luggage, so we ate in the buffet dining room. They had a lot of food to choose from, sweet bar, fruit bar, salad bar, and the main food bar..I tried a lot of foods, I wouldn't normally eat. I had Lobster, Alligator,Frog Legs to just name a few. (In the Jubilee Dining room, the 2nd night was the Captain's dinner. Most everyone dresses very formal this night.) Afterwards we went back to our room, luggage had arrived. Then made our way to the Serenity deck and enjoyed the hot tub for awhile. On this deck no one under 21 could be there. In our room for the night, we got ready to rest, the ship did have a lot of swaying, I was feeling quite dizzy headed, after the first night we were fine. Next morning, we are up early, and go back to the buffet dining room. Had a lovely breakfast, then we got ready for sunbathing by the pool, (you have to get up at the crack of dawn to get a lounge chair, *lesson learned). We had a great day at sea, and making lots of new friends. More exploring, and enjoying the hot tubs at night. Next day we pull into Nassau, we took a taxi tour guide of the city. I wasn't too impressed, houses looked like slums,and the city just had a dirty look to it,very poor way of life here. Unemployment rate there is around 13%. Most locals work for Atlantis, and make around $5.50 per hour. We did enjoy a short trip to Atlantis, they charge $25,000 a night to stay in their hotel, with a 4 night minimum. We couldn't view the aquarium, due to our guided tour. We then go back thru the city, and we get to visit Cabbage Beach, this was a very wonderful place, and the bluest water I had ever saw. Then its time to head back to the ship. Next day we are in Freeport. Next to the ship's port, they have a mini mall, and a few food vendors set up. They also had a strawmart, I really enjoyed that, it was like an outside thrift shop. Locals had homemade straw baskets, T shirts, caps, walking canes, sea shells,etc... for sale. We took a taxi ride into the city, Freeport, was very nice and clean, unlike Nassau. The beach we visited here left a lot to be desired. The water was somewhat blue, but not like the one in Nassau, however the water was clear. They  also had a larger Straw Mart, inside the city. The taxi we rode in was rugged, and the seats swayed back and fourth, and when we rounded the curves, it made a squealing sound. We had quite a few laughs over this.Coming back port side, we enjoyed eating Conch, it was deep fried, and served with fries and coleslaw. So, back to the ship, The Libdo deck was the place to be, they had something going almost the whole time. Games, Contests, Bingo playing, Dancing. We had lots of fun, and we were talking about another cruise before we ever left ship. There was a large casino, comedy club, a waterpark for the kiddies, a stage area where they had shows, we enjoyed a show that was a tribute to The Beatles. I recommend anyone going on at least one cruise, but then your hooked, and sure to be going again. :)


  1. Everybody deserves a vacation sometimes! And if you enjoyed it, these will be your best memories! Petey and Dixie missed you, but they knew you'll be back with some stories and gifts for them which they were right! I am glad you had such a wonderful time! It is always too short!

  2. Vacation always does end too soon, but I was glad to be home and see my babies. :)