Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Tag Yourself!!!

I love games and  love the game of tag.

1. Describe yourself in 7 words: Silly energetic, feisty, angelic, protective, persistent, HANDSOME!!!
2. What keeps you up at night: Neighbors driving in and out,Cats fighting, Thunder
3. Who would you like to be: Nobody...I have the best life now,wouldn't trade for anything!!!
4. What are you wearing now: My Collar,and ID tag.
5. What scares you: People wearing hats,hoodies,etc.. Unruly children
6. What is the best and worst thing about blogging: The best: I get to tell you all about my adventures...the worst: when she doesn't let me at the computer and I lose track of you all
7. Whats the last blog you visited: Carma Poodale's
8. What's one thing you wish you could change about yourself: Umm,nothing I'm a poodle!!!!
9. Blankets:Love them,I have 2 that are fuzzy and soft. (spoiled?? yea)

* So write back to me,I'm waiting to hear from all of you!!!!

1 comment:

  1. Petey! Hello. I'm Sadie Shih Tzu and I just found your blog through DogTipper. I loved this post so I reblogged the questions and answered them here: http://www.sadieshihtzu.com/fun-stuff/dog-blog-stuffs-peace-love-and-poodles-helps-you-get-to-know-me/